About us
Las Dueñas Café de Costa Rica

¨Las Dueñas¨ is a coffee business started in 2012, when three portuguese women (born in an Angola coffee plantation) with one similar dream and with a shared ideal decided to change their lives from the city to a coffee farm.

What brought us here today is our common commitment with the sustainable agriculture , protecting the natural enviroment, and all the species, mantaining the balance of the ecosystem (see NAMA). This commitment just keeps being stronger every day when we take a look at this beauty land, full of life and mystery.

We bought a coffee farm located in Coto Brus in the highest part of the Talamanca Mountain range in southern Costa Rica, in one of the 8 coffee regions: Brunca.

The farm has 20.5 hectares in total , but 5 of them are protected primary forest (inscrited to the voluntary forest regime – FONAFIFO). We protect our water sources and we are constantly reforesting it with native species to provide shade and to enrich the soil (inscrited to the agroforestry regime – FONAFIFO). This way we protect the biodiverstity and refuge of many species of wild animals

As sure as the sun rises every morning, we persue our dream about producing the best coffee in Costa Rica, and putting our love in every single cup of coffee.

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