The best coffee I ever had!!   Muchas gracias a ustedes!!  - S.G.


We start every day with your coffee. . Love it! – L.T.


Enjoyed every morning  - T.M.


I miss your coffee soooo much. – J.T.


I am rationing my last pound of coffee from you guys  I hope boarders open up soon. I have tried a couple of other coffees just in case I run out, but nothing is as good as yours  - K.S.


Our friends at Washington labs shared your coffee at one of their local events: the Regional Manufacturing of Maryland Business Connect Breakfast! Now all Maryland will want more of that:-) – D.O.


El sabor y aroma único e incomparable de su café.  - G.V.


Depth of flavor! – B.N.


Love, Passion, Flavor – S.L.


Do not miss to try this coffee. It’s the best one that I taste till today!! – F.M.


We enjoy your wonderful coffee every day. Thanks for your journey. Best coffee in Coast Rica. – M.S.


I LOVE your coffee! Since I have had your coffee, I have a hard time drinking other coffee lol – K.S.


We luv your coffee! Perfect timing the other day, we had just finished our last bag when you showed up with a new supply! Whew! Lol – P.B.


In Ontario we love your coffee. Can't wait to go for a visit & bring some back! – J.P.


I wholeheartedly second that: best coffee ever! – L.R.


So peaceful...I use your pictures to begin my morning meditation – L.B.


Es de calidad y eso lo demuestra, felicidades, amigas – F.C.


Is the best coffee!!! – A.E.


Happy holidays to you too. We will continue enjoying your coffee every single morning  - D.O.


No wonder the coffee is so Great with all the love and care given to them by these hard workers   - M.C.


El mejor cafe!!!!! – G.V.


Lugar precioso! – A.G.


Best coffee in the world!  - L.V.


Excelente, felicitaciones al equipo! – A.E.


Felicidades!! Nosotros amamos su cafe ! – D.H.


La tarde de hoy estaremos degustando una nueva marca de café  de la zona de San Vito café Las Dueñas exquisito aroma, buen cuerpo, ven disfruta algo diferente – C.R.


Felicidades, ése es uno de los muchos premios que van a ir recibiendo por su perseverancia, por esa pasión que despierta tan noble actividad, es decir si se puede... Adelante  - H.V.


We always look forward to getting your wonderful coffee thru the mail. Love it! -S.C.


Such hard and long days of work BUT such fabulous Coffee    - M.C.


Que valientes... La verdad mi admiración... X ese esfuerzo y apego a la tierra – R.A.


Hopefully to be reunited with the Best Coffee in the World soon. – J.H.


We were so happy to come home to this coffee last week! Lucky us! The best coffee in a 'coffee republic'. XXX    - A.O.


Had a great time walking the coffee plantation and learning that ended with tasting the different ways to brew coffee. Thank you, Isabel and Ana. – T.C.


Muchas gracias por producir el mejor café de Costa Rica. – A.E.


Sabroso y delicioso – R.A.


I moved to Costa Rica 1 year ago and was told how great the coffee was here. Once I got here, I learned finding good coffee was actually very difficult. A friend recommended Las Dueñas and Thank god he did. It´s some of the best coffee I have ever had. It´s is delivered to my front gate every other friday by one of the owners which makes it feel even more authentic and special. This coffee changed morning for me here. I get espresso grind dark roast. For me, it´s one of the things I look most forward to every single day. Thank you so much Las Dueñas - T.M.


Excelente café!  - D.A.


We didn’t want to leave   - M.C. and O.P.


We’ll be back! – P. and Z.


Great coffee. Better than I thought it was going to be. Not inexpensive, but worth it. Seriously. - J.S.


Hi, I had the immense chance to taste your coffee last year at a Hotel in Costa Rica. I would like to order from you, but I would like to know what would be the shipping charges for Canada. (...) Thank you in advance - N.C.


We are in Costa Rica and have had an opportunity to taste your lovely coffee (best coffee in Costa Rica!) at an Hotel at Manuel Antonio - we are leaving today (...) this is our third trip to your beautiful country in 10 years we will come and visit you next time. Best wishes, - C. L.


One of the best coffees that I had ever tried!!! - M.O.


How fortunate to have artisan dark roast coffee hand delivered to my door by the owners of the coffee farm! Las Dueñas coffee is spectacular. The 3 women owners are admirable not only for their endeavor, but also because of the quality of their product. Any Peet's drinkers will enjoy the flavor and quality. We will be showcasing their coffee at Cielo Lodge. Las Duenas is also sold online at a very low price for the quality, including the cost of delivery the US - K.G.


We recently had some of your delicious coffee while staying at Cascata del Bosco, outside of San Vito. We're living here in Costa Rica for 6 months and would like to have more of your coffee. - T.S.


The coffee is great! - K.A.


Thank you, Dina and Las Dueñas, for the wonderful tour of your coffee farm... Your coffee farm, started by 3 women, is a perfect example. Your coffee is delicious, local, and sustainably grown, and your story is inspiring. - K.G.


I was in CR last April, ... I purchased about 6 different kinds and left clothes and a pair of shoes behind in order to make room in my luggage for coffee. Yours was the last I opened, and I just got done drinking the last of it. After going back to my normal store brand I felt like I missing something wonderful. I saw you had a website and decided to visit, I not only appreciate your coffee but your vision and mission as well. I'm going to place two subscriptions one for my sister and one for myself. Thank you so much as when I drink CR coffee it reminds me of the great times and people I met in your country. - P.M.


Thanks a lot for the great time we could spend with you at Las Dueñas... We liked the coffee a lot and miss it already... - C.H.


Had a great time visiting your farm today, great memory! - P.W.


Best coffee evah!!!! - E.M.


Las Dueñas has the healthiest coffee plants and the most beautiful sunsets in the Zona Sur! - G.H.


I was recently in Costa Rica... near Manuel Antonio - I was in a cigar store and noticed your gold bags of coffee. I am a coffee connoisseur (!) and always looking to purchase new and interesting blends, beans, and most importantly wish to continue to support entrepreneurs in their efforts to work at what they enjoy doing!!! It is obvious that is exactly what your ladies are doing as it reflects in the taste of your coffee! - M.N.


I'm in love with your dark roast, how do I get it in Canada when I run out? ♥♥ - D. J.


Had the Dark roast this AM: Good flavor, not acidic, but nicely nutty or chocolathey, drinkable without added sugar or milk for those who regularly do. Nice aftertaste, smooth, not overpowering, planning to try the medium roast mañana, gracias! - C.


Have been enjoying the wonderful flavors of Las Dueñas coffee over the Holidays. Nice and smooth, just the way I like it... thank you Las Dueñas for making it just the perfect roast. No bitterness in it, but tons of wonderful flavors. - D.O.


Ahhhh! I am almost out of my favorite coffee! Las Duenas Coffee is the BEST coffee! Is it available in the US anywhere? - H.T.


I just ground and tasted a handful of your Dark roast coffee. It was a perfect cup! Thanks!! - M.D.


I love drinking this coffee every morning! Thank you, Las Dueñas, for making a fantastic brew. My favorite is the Medium Roast, but both dark and medium are delicious! - D.F.


The best coffee ever. Everyone so far who ordered it loved it! - D.O.


Just brewed my first pot of the dark roast and it is FANTASTIC! - R.H.


Your coffee is amazing! - R.H.


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